Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Time

 We have had  a lot of great events happening this summer! In April I graduated from Weber State.. Whoo Whoo! (such a relief!). I have been accepted to the Master's program at Utah State for school counseling and I can't wait to start!... Then an amazing family from my mission came to visit, the one and only WATSON FAMILY! I love them so much... they taught me an awful lot and will always have an impact on my life! For the 4th we went to Bear Lake and had a blast... we were as red as lobsters when we came home.. but we love spending time with our families! Other than that, we are just finishing our home up... it has taken a while with the remodel but we are glad we are doing it right and are excited to get it finished. Life is good and we hope it is for all of you too!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A new year

Well... 2012 is looking like it will be a wonderful year. I guess anthing can be wonderful or not, it just depends on your attitude! I really feel just so blessed and happy :) I have been working very hard to meet school deadlines, as well as working, and trying to be a good wife... and sometimes it has seemed impossible. I appreciate how amazing my family is, especially Shawn! He is the best husband ever and brings me back down to earth a lot when I am overwhelmed... I love him so much!!! I finally feel like I have had a breakthrough with the demands of life... YAY... :) My Senior research project was approved by Weber State so I can get started on that. I scored high enough on the MAT to apply for graduate school. (I just sent my application in, and all I am waiting for is my Weber State graduation) I am so excited and hope for the best with the Master's program at Utah State. Shawn and I started to paint the walls of our home :) So much fun! I am super excited to decorate... :) Shawn and his family have done most of the work on the house... I married a very talented man!.. and we are so appreciative of all that our families do to help us. Shawn received a promotion at work... I am very proud of him and glad he enjoys his job! We had a fun Valentine's... I loved it because we got to spend time together... that has become rare at times, so I love any chance we get time together! Shawn took me to see The Vow and out to dinner... it was a great night. I have been helping coach a couple of basketball teams this year, it has been so much fun! The Freshmen took second place at their tournament yesterday.... it is really neat to see the girls grow throughout the season!... Life just continues being busy... but it is so much fun! Until next time.... :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 events

How fast time flies! I can't believe that 2011 is almost over... but what a fun year... with definitely a few of my favorite life events! Shawn and I were married, we bought our first home, our oldest niece was baptized, a couple of cousins are either out on missions or getting ready to leave, we've spent lots of time with our family, and I graduate this upcomming semester whew whew!... it is just great!.. I know life is full of trials too... but when you count your blessings the trials don't have as much weight in life! We hope you have all had a great 2011 and an even better 2012! 
Oh random P.S. any of you who are getting married.... I suggest you get your husband a wedding ring made of titanium (it is hypoalergenic and won't rash up your husbands finger!) :) This is just from some personal experience ;).

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer Fun


Like most of you... a lot has been going on for us this summer. We bought our home and have been doing lots of renovations. Thank goodness for our great family who have helped us out more than ever! We love our home in Garland! I started to wash the walls upstairs and tape so we can get going on the painting Yipee! :) So... we are getting things together one step at a time. On Friday we had a special day with our family... Our Sister her husband and their three boys were sealed together in the Logan Temple :) It was incredible! We love them (Christensen family) so very much and are so happy for them becomming an Eternal Family! (Oh and we are dang excited for our cousin Regi... she is going to serve in the Perth, Austrailia Mission! WHEW WHEW... Go SISTA!)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hello! Wow I almost forgot we had a blog haha... It has been a very busy few months. (Thanks to my Fav. Cousin Regi for reminding me lol), Which we are so excited for you to get your mission call! YAY!!! Love you! So Shawn and I have had a lot of changes.... We just bought a home in Garland and we are very excited about it.. Shawn has been doing so much work, (along with his father and grandpa) on our home. They knocked out a false ceiling in out kitchen, put in can lights, sheet rocked, etc. It looks very nice though. Now we just need to get all the little things taken care of so we can paint and put new carpet in. It feels good to get ready for our own home. We are both very busy with our jobs, our dog Sadie, School (Which I can't wait to graduate in the Spring!), and Primary. I have the cutest primary kids ever the SUNBEAMS!! They are adorable and I love them!.. They remind me of our nieces and nephews... more cuties we love to be around! :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We are buying a home!

It seems like life keeps speeding up, though it is so much better being married! :) Shawn and I have been looking for a home, just taking our time no hurry... Yet things have been working out a lot quicker than we thought. We have a great realator (Pat Kerby) Love her!!!!... She has found lots of great options for us, but one home in Garland really felt good to us. We put in an offer, the bank has accepted... and this Thursday is the Inspection. If all goes well we will be owning a 5 bedroom, 2 1/2 bathroom home with a huge yard that our dog Sadie will love :)... We have some work to do on the home, but it will be fun to add our own touches to it... not to mention having our family and friends over. FUN!... Life is crazy, but great!